freeSP - Platform-Independent Solutions
for Online Signal-Processing Applications

This is the homepage of freeSP, an open-source development-environment for efficiently programming signal-processing applications. This side is still under construction, so not all features you would normally request, may currently be available.

From the menu on the left, you can navigate to sections that have been completed up to now. At present, these are:

  • Home: this page.
  • Aim and Objective: an introduction to the design problems of digital signal-processing systems and a rough overview of the functionality of freeSP.
  • Download: For anyone who is interested to try out or further develop freeSP. From this page, you can download the source code and many examples.
  • Contact: For anyone interested in freeSP. You can join the mainlinglist regarding freeSP or contact the Author.

Soon, the following sections will be added:

  • Concepts: a detailed introduction to the software concepts of freeSP, programming guidelines and illustrations.
  • Docs: User guide, source code structure and realization of the concepts.

Last modified: 2004/06/21